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Monday, June 22, 2009

The First Visit to Japan in the Past 3 Months

I had been in Vancouver, Canada for three months and I've been in Tokyo, Japan since yesterday. Because I have never stayed in foreign country, I came as a fresh reminder that there were some surprising things in Japan.


The air in Japan is so different from Canada or the US.

The different thing I noticed first is smell. Japan smells differently from the US. It is difficult for me to explain that. (The US smells similarly from Canada, differently from the China. China smells differently from Japan. In short, Japan != China != US = Canada. I don't know other countries.)

Humidity level is very high, particularly in the end of June. The time span from the middle of June to the beginning of July is the biggest rainy season in Japan. It is called Baiu or Tsuyu. It will have been cloudy for a month. I came to Japan the very time, and I got baptized with it. Even when I feel the cool wind, I would get sweat inevitably. Our skin can never get dried.


People smell human scents. It is not common for Japanese people to use fragrant waters or deodorant compared to Canada or the US, so Japanese people don't smell chemicals but natural organisms, and unfortunately the latter one is bad in hot rain season.

I also found that almost all people are Japanese except in airports. In Canada, I can hear not only English but also Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and other languages. But in Japan only one language I can hear is Japanese. There certainly exist foreigners, but not many.

Japanese crowd


The only one word I need to say is: awesome. Eat Japanese foods infinitely in Japan.

Sukiya's Beef Dish and Salmon with rice and pork soup

---- (Images by Flickr CC)

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