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Thursday, June 4, 2009

(Draft) Extended Markdown for Vim Hacks

This post is for the authors of Vim Hacks.

Markdown syntax supports <code>, <img>, <ul> or other primary html tags. Vim Hacks authors need <kbd> tag besides. And also, it is useful for us to be supported to contain metadata of Vim Hacks in a file. Therefore, I propose Extended Markdown Syntax for Vim Hacks.

  • Extention: ***.mdv
  • <h1> of the first line becomes
  • `|<Cr>|` becomes <kbd>&lt;Cr&gt;</kbd>
  • Author: *** of the last line becomes <author>***</author>


# Hack #22: Ultra Super Great Vim Plugin | lv2 2009-06-06

blah blah blah

use [blogger.vim]( with
the key mapping `|j|`.

blah blah blah

    nnoremap j :<C-u>1000sl<Cr>
    nnoremap k :<C-u>1000sl<Cr>

blah blah blah. hara y y hara y?

Author: ujihisa


  • Implement mdv2html and html2mdv
  • Implement mdvlint

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