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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

RubyKaigi2009 is Comming

I'll attend a three-days conference RubyKaigi2009 starting tomorrow.

As a speaker


I have a talk on July 18 Saturday. I'll talk about development environments.

Working Effectively with Ruby for Average Programmers

For software development with the Ruby programming language, this presentation will introduce the study of general productive programming methodology which is primary for ordinary programmers who usually write code simply based on empirical or academical knowledge. This presentation focuses on an environment supports a development particularly. This also shows the advantages powered by Vim by a live coding. Keywords: IDE, Opportunistic Programming, Functional Languages, Grass, Live Coding

If you are an ordinary programmer, and want to improve your coding speed, and if possible you are a vim user, I recommend you to come to my talk! Unfortunately my talk is in Japanese. My slides are both in Japanese and in English.

As a participant

If you find me, feel free to talk me! I can understand slow English and can speak in awkward English. I'll have a speaker nameplate with the name "ujihisa" at the conference room.

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