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Saturday, July 18, 2009

My RubyKaigi2009 Talk

Today, the second day of RubyKaigi2009 in Japan, I had a 30 minutes talk.


(My talk slide will be uploaded here)

I used Vim-like presentation tool powered by Opera, Ruby and Vim.



Originally I had tried to talk about software development environments for ruby in a general way. But unfortunately my slide became something bored. I thought my talk would be bad. Last night, I finally decided to change the topic of my talk.

My old title was "Working Effectively with Ruby for Average Programmers", and the new title was "Vim for Rubyists". I talked about Vim there.


  • In my demonstration, I missed the implementation of FizzBuzz problem on purpose. I wanted someone to mention it at the time, but unfortunately nobody did.
  • (add more...)

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