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Sunday, July 12, 2009

LiveCoding#6 was Successfully Hosted by Me

I'm proud of the exciting event which was held on yesterday.

LiveCoding#6 (in Japanese and English)

There were 9 LiveCoders and about 40 audiences in a traditional Japanese style urbane house.



Some LiveCoders could complete their products in each 20 minutes while others couldn't.


It is hard and oppressive for LiveCoders to code within a time limit, meanwhile it is amusing and interesting for audiences to watch the coders.


The contents of this LiveCoding is:

  • Pretty More Useful Twitter with hitode909
  • JavaScript on Scala on GAE with cho45
    • A GAE app in Scala with JS(rhino)
    • Powered by Scala, Java (is abbr of JavaScript), Vim, Rake and MacBook
  • Something with Ruby/SDL with 大林(ohai)
    • Something like a shooting game
    • Powered by Ruby, Emacs, Ion, Debian/GNU Linux, and ThinkPad
  • Something with Vimperator with hotchpotch
    • An unuseful vimperator plugin
    • Powered by Firefox 3.5, Vim, Rascut, Windows7(7100) + Debian/GNU Linux and ThinkPad X61Tablet
  • Something with Android with naoya_t
    • Produce something as an Android app (and then will continue developing it at the Android Hackathon)
    • Powered by Emacs, Eclipse, Android SDK/NDK, Java, gcc, Mac OS X, MacBook Pro and HKK Lite Shiro
  • Google App Engine on Sinatra with ujihisa
    • The ultimate web application platform Sinatra/Google App Engine for Java/JRuby
    • Powered by Vim, Ruby, Mac OS X and MacBook Air
  • Wanted: The Answer of my Assignment with Kimoto
    • There are few hours to submit my report. Does it make on time while I've never got going. Get a unit or repeat the course.
    • Powered by Vim, C, Windows XP Pro and Let's note
  • Wiki on PHP with imos
    • An irresponsible notation wiki
    • Powered by mi, php, Mac OS X and MacBook Pro


Actually my turn, "Google App Engine on Sinatra", was just a cheat. I didn't do anything difficult like what other LiveCoders did.

I made and deployed an app here. The app cho466666 can calculate addition and fibonacci sequence like

The core source code is below.

require 'rubygems'
require 'sinatra'

get '/' do

get '/add/:x/:y' do
  x, y = params[:x].to_i, params[:y].to_i
  "#{x} + #{y} = #{x + y}"

get '/fib/:n' do
  n = params[:n].to_i
  "fib#{n} = #{fib(n)}"

def fib(n, x = n < 2 ? n : fib(n-2) + fib(n-1))


After the LiveCoding, we did a Android Hackathon and a Vim Hackathon until the next morning.



Other LiveCoding#6 photos are here. Thanks hitode909!

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