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Friday, October 30, 2009

38th Kansai Ruby Workshop (in Japanese)

I attended 38th Kansai Ruby Workshop today and make a presentation there. The workshop was ustreamed.

My Presentation "Hacking parse.y"

I have made the same title presentation in Vancouver.rb so far. I also have two other opportunities to make the same title presentation in Kansai Open Forum and RubyConf2009. All presentations are different because of the difference audience. Kansai Ruby Workshop is the most casual place of them, so my presentation today was be the most casual one.

The agenda was the following:

  • Brief self introduction
  • What is Ruby Core
  • What is Ruby's parser
  • Understanding colons
  • Adding literal
  • (cont.)

Note that this presentation isn't for super Ruby programmers. I think all ruby commitors already know all of what I'll talk tomorrow.

Slides, Handouts and Record

Slides are available here(slideshare).

Handouts are availabble here(pdf).

Record is available here(ustream). (in Japanese)

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