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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Efficient Software-Based Fault Isolation



Citation: Wahbe, R., Lucco, S., Anderson, T. E., and Graham, S. L. 1993. Efficient software-based fault isolation. In Proceedings of the Fourteenth ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (Asheville, North Carolina, United States, December 05 – 08, 1993). SOSP ‘93. ACM, New York, NY, 203-216. (PS) (PDF)

This paper is in December 1993; 16 years ago. This paper discusses how to isolate a system failure without using any special hardwares. For example, how to impound a bug within the process is important because nobody expects that a bug of a game which is working on a system causes the whole system to crash.

This paper explains the approach with the following subsections.

  • Segment Matching
  • Address Sandboxing
  • Optimizations
  • Process Resources
  • Data Sharing
  • Implementation and Verification

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