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Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Will Speak At RubyConf 2009


I got an email from Ruby Central this morning.

Thank you for submitting a proposal to speak at RubyConf 2009. We're happy to let you know that your proposal, "Hacking parse.y", has been selected for inclusion in the program.


The talks are 45 minutes long, including any Q&A you want to do.


[Fri Sep 11 19:35:10 PDT 2009 Added]


  1. I see you're speaking too! Congratulations to you also.

    I know how hard it is to give speeches in another language. (I had to give a speech in Japanese for a student program in Osaka once.) If you need someone to review your slides, let me know! (Your English is much better than my Japanese, though. :)

  2. Hi Jay,

    Let's enjoy upcoming rubyconf as speakers! Yes, it is difficult for me to give a speech in English. I may rely on our common language Ruby in my talk.

    Did you come to Japan, particularly Osaka? I was an Osaka University student. Wonderful!

  3. I was at St. Andrews University (Momoyama Gakuin Daigaku) in Izumi, mostly studying the Japanese language. (I've forgotten most of what I learned since then.) :(

    I saw your presentation slides - your Ruby is VERY fluent. :) Good luck at the conference! See you there!

  4. Thanks! Good luck you too!