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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Move to Vancouver, Canada from Osaka, Japan

I took some photos and uploaded them:


Kansai Airport Kansai Airport Kansai Airport

Ate Japanese lunch at NRT

Narita Airport

That was very expensive. 1,000 yen!

Flight across the Pacific

Seattle Airport

That monitor system was broken. Even when we were arriving Seattle Airport, the monitor showed us that we were now on the Pacific.

Seattle! (SEA)

Seattle Airport

It was rainy that day. Seattle was a nice wooded town.

Ate breakfast at Seattle Airport

Seattle Airport

I ate Asian Veggie Wrap with coke. It was not bad.

And finally I arrived in Vancouver. The airport was badly crowded. I had to wait for the immigration for two hours! I never want to get lined up the immigration queue again.

Our new house


I was surprised that our new house was located in a such place. The view seemed very nice even if it was rainy.

The first day was rainy. The second day was cloudy. Since third day, it has been sunny! yeah!

Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver

We can see the Olympic Stadium from the window of our room.


  1. Cool photo.

    Are there any signs of Spring in Vancouver?

  2. Yes. It's already in spring! And yes, I'm in Vancouver!