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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Completing Method Names in Ruby Based on Input and Output

I described how to auto-complete method names of an object on Vim but here let me describe about a bit more restricted one. How can we auto-complete method names of an object that goes to a given object?

An example here that you send succ or next on an object 1 when you want to get an object 2.

1.succ #=> 2

Another example. first method will let you get an object :a by [:a, :b, :c].

[:a, :b, :c].first #=> :a

It is natural that you expect Vim automatically completes the method names when the cursor is on the . just after the object.


A neocomplcache plugin, neco-rubymf, does exactly what I described above.


  • Install a Rubygems package methodfinder.

    $ gem install methodfinder
  • Install the neocomplcache plugin neco-rubymf. If your Vim still don't have neocomplcache, install it as well.

Try inputting the following line in a buffer where the 'filetype' is ruby. Note that ¶ means cursor here.

1.¶ #=> 2

That shows methods next and succ in completion popup automatically, which the method an object 1 owns and also the returning value is 2.


[:a, :b, :c].¶ #=> :a

gives this.

The screenshots below are other examples.

※The last example occurs stochastically.

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