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Sunday, October 31, 2010

List of Vim plugins this computer has

Most of Vim plugins I'm using is controlled under pathogen until the day VimJolts will be released.

  • ColorSamplerPack
    • A collection of colorschemes. I use zenburn in this collection or mrkn256 not in this collection.
  • IndentAnything
    • Only for JavaScript indentation Support.
  • blogger.vim
    • For blogging. Written by me.
  • camelcasemotion
    • ,w as "go to the next capital character."
  • ghc_complete
    • A neocomplcache plugin for ghc.
  • gist-vim
    • To post the current buffer to gist.
  • git-vim
    • To commit the current file or to view git diff.
  • hootsuite
    • For HootSuite development.
  • indent-haskell.vim
    • An indent file for Haskell.
  • neocomplcache
    • The ultimate auto complete tool.
  • quickrun
    • The ultimate quick running tool.
  • repl.vim
    • To start repl in Ruby, Erlang and Haskell. Written by me.
  • shadow.vim
    • The ultimate file-shadowing tool.
  • stickykey.vim
  • thinca-poslist
    • <C-o> can go back at any movements including j.
  • uj-textile
    • ftdetect, ftplugin and syntax file for textile.
    • I suppose this plugin is written by someone. I wonder why this dir name contains uj prefix...
  • unite.vim
    • Anything.el
  • vim-altercmd
    • Automatically capitalize a Vim command in cmdwin
  • vim-coffee-script
    • ftdetect, ftplugin, indent and syntax file for CoffeeScript.
  • vim-markdown
    • ftdetect, ftplugin and syntax file for Markdown.
  • vim-smartchr-0.1.0
    • My mappings in vimrc is full of the flavor of smartchr.
    • My favorite plugin.
  • vim-smartword-0.0.2
    • An extention of w or e.
  • vim-surround
    • cs([ changes the parenthes into brackets.
  • vim-textobj-indent-0.0.3
    • You can select by indentation.
  • vim-textobj-user-0.3.8
    • You can define your own textobj easily.
  • vimclojure-2.1.2
    • A lot of supports for clojure including ftdetect, ftplugin, index and syntax.
    • This has repl support but I've never used it so far.
  • vimproc
    • The :!, :r! and system() substitutor.
    • This is used by quickrun, repl.vim, vimshell and .vimrc
  • vimshell
    • A shell for vim.

Syntax files

  • gas
    • for Gnu Assembly language.
  • haskell.vim
  • rdoc.vim
    • obviously

Obsolete files

This blog post helped me finding some obsolete plugins that I should throw away.

  • shim
    • An interactive Haskell shell in Vim.
    • repl.vim is a superset of this plugin.
  • hints_man2
    • ?


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  2. Just added VimJolts to

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