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Saturday, March 6, 2010

How To Avoid The Worst Case

I broke an expensive unopened wine bottle. The white wine was spilt all over my kitchen.

Yesterday I bought a wine bottle and a box of beer at a liquor store which is located far from my home. I bought them because they were on sale. To save my money, I came home on my foot, saving $1.75. Today I ate lunch and drunk a sip of beer. After the lunch, I was trying to get a snack. There was the wine bottle in front of the snack. My elbow hit the bottle, and broke it. The delicious expensive wine has gone. $14 and the heavy work has gone.

While I was wiping the floor with smelling the wine, I was thinking what was the cause and how should I do after that. This incident was happened without any other people except for me. I'm the true culprit. So, how can I avoid such tragedy in my future?

The causes are the following two. The fact I was drunk a little bit and the location of wine was not safe a little bit. Both of them are not crucial. But the incident certainly happened.

This issue can be summarized as that we should assume anything for people who are in bad condition. People often become bad because of drowsiness, alcohol, anger and depression. Assume the condition. Never put glass products on the edge, or the place people can touch easily.

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