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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Introduction to Text Editors

If there were such a class titled "Introduction to Text Editors", I would be delighted to attend it.

Here is just my imagination.

  • What is Text
    • Text in Natural Languages
    • Text in Programming Languages
  • What is Edit
    • Open, save and buffer
    • Insert, delete and motion
    • Modes: view, insert and command
  • Operation and motion
    • Operations: delete, correct, yank and user-defined operations
    • Motions: word, line and paragraph
  • User interface
    • Font, size, color and location
    • Multiple windows
    • Keyboard and other input devices
  • Programming aids
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Indentation
    • Execute the code
    • Hints
    • Tagjump
    • Handle related files
  • Completion
    • Dictionary-based completion
    • Buffer-based completion
    • Omni completion
    • Mixed completion
  • Customization
    • Any behavior is customizable
    • Key mapping
    • Plugin

The two major text editors, Vim and Emacs, have their own terms. I'd like to abstract them and give appropriate names.

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