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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Month In Japan

I had been in Japan for a month until yesterday. I went to my parents' home, did things related to my admission to the graduate universities, attended some conferences and workshops, and met many friends.

List of workshops I attended:

  • uuuu

  • Kansai Ruby Workshop #38

  • Vim Workshop #4

  • LiveCoing#7

  • Kansai Ruby Kaigi #2 at Kansai Open Forum 2009

  • "Working Effectively with Legacy Code" Study Group

  • Golang Hackathon

  • xUnit Workshop

  • Tokyo Rails Workshop #45

I made presentations at the workshops, mostly about parse.y of Ruby.

Other events:

  • Professor Konami and his students
  • Big Buddha
  • Hoso Hackathon
  • SVTour Alumni Party
  • Teppan lunch
  • ujihkn
  • Ramen Hackathon
  • Todai Hackathon
  • ujihkn

My Sincerely Friends

I feel too thankful for my sincerely friends to say thank you. I proud them. May luck with you!

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