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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Visited Bay Area

It was my fourth visit to Bay Area also known as Silicon Valley. I stayed at my friend rakusai's house.

During the visit, almost all time I had been in Palo Alto.

Palo alto from wikipedia

palo alto facebook

Bay Area in Summer

Actually it was my first time to stay there in a summer season. I was truly surprised how it was cold, particularly in San Francisco. It was colder than in Vancouver, Canada.

summer san francisco

san francisco

I met some great people

First, I went to San Francisco to meet github people. San Francisco is pretty far from Palo Alto, so I had to came back soon. And also unfortunately the meetup place was very crowded and noisy, I had trouble with listening English there but I certainly met them. Thanks Tom, the next time is my turn to treat you to good alcohols.


Actually I would like to visit Engine Yard to meet Yahuda again as well, but he seemed to be so busy and I didn't want to bother him, so I couldn't met him this time.

Second, I met some Japanese friends include kenn, nobu and shotbt. I heard that kenn is making something new. Here I'll pass it over in silence.

photo from twitshot

Third, I went to Stanford University to meet a researcher and a professor. I asked the professor if my thought would be suit for your research team or not. I was anxious about it, but the professor answered it's absolutely theirs. I decided where to join a research team at the time if I would be admitted the university.


Now I'm in a hot country, Vancouver. Now I can see my goal in 2009 and the beginning of 2010. I will keep doing the thing what I should do.

My next visit to Bay Area may be November.

All photos are from flickr CC search.


  1. Keep up your great challenge!

  2. Hi, ujm.

    You have just visited San Fransisco and its neighboring cities, eh? I also visited San Fransisco and San Hose in 1999. It was already 10 years ago...time really flies!

    I lived in Canada for 4 years (3.75 years in Toronto, Ontario and 4 months in Victoria, BC) from 1999 to 2003 but initially I wanted to live and work in Silicon Valley. Although I am happy living in Asia now, Silicon Vally is still a sacred place for me... It's been a mecca for IT geeks. It IS the history of information technology including the Internet.

    You are applying for Stanford University, huh? Probably, the graduate school? I hope you will be successful there. I also hope to visit you in Silicon Valley someday.

    Have a happy blogging in English!

  3. Hi, elm200.
    I cannot imagine how was Bay Area 10 years ago. You must have been inspired and enjoyed at the time.
    Yes, I'm applying for graduate schools include Stanford University.